Since 1985, Leo DeMarsh has secured thousands of homes in Greater Boston, Cape Cod, Metro West, and the South Shore of Massachusetts.

His common sense approach to home security, along with the latest crime statistics (the modus operandi of a burglar), and taking into account the homeowners life style has made him one of the most successful security representatives in the country.

Over the years, Leo has protected various walks of life, some which include:

The design of the security system involves many concerns that the homeowner may have. It may be the primary residence, where the husband travels frequently, and wants complete perimeter protection for his family, along with Fire and Carbon Monoxide monitoring. Or it could be a vacation home, where a simple security system will suffice (motion sensors in key areas, along with Fire and Low Temperature monitoring. A Video Camera might be useful to monitor key entry areas.

The customer who installs a simple security system (under $1,000) with a Cell Back-Up (digital cellular transmitter) has a better system than a customer who spends $5.000 - $10,000 on a security system with no Cell Back-Up. Why? Because the weakest link in any alarm system is the phone line!

If your phone line is cut, or not working the alarm won't transmit to the central station (customer monitoring center).

Over the years, the alarm industry and the burglar have gotten a lot smarter...because of technology. I recommend a cell back-up-especially if there is monitored FIRE on the system.


Leo DeMarsh resides in Plymouth, MA with his wife Kathy.

He is a member of the National Sheriff's Association, and The National Crime Prevention Bureau.