Nothing is more important than keeping your family safe and secure, and nobody knows that more than Leo DeMarsh. He has been providing security solutions and advice to the affluent for over 25 years.

There are many 'off the shelf' solutions for securing your residence, but these plans do not always account for all of your individual complexities and needs. Leo DeMarsh looks at each project individually and utilizes his years of experience to recommend the most secure, efficient and modern security solutions available.

It is important to utilize cutting edge security solutions in order to create the layers of security that keep your family and valuables safe. Leo DeMarsh has experience with modern security tools such as:

Leo also has experience with situations unique to the affluent such as:

Why would you trust anything less for your family? Contact me today to set up a free consultation.

“The same principles apply to residential security whether I am with a Federal Marshal in a Judges home designing a system, or in your house. The difference would be the layers of security.” - Leo DeMarsh

* I am affiliated with SOUNDS GOOD Corporation, and can provide additional information for you during the security review.