Security Tips - How to Beat the Burglar

There are some simple steps that homeowners can take, aside from installing an alarm system, that will make a home look occupied when you're away, as well as other day to day tips designed to KEEP THE BURGLAR OUT! More often than not, the thief will pass your home up for an easier target. All you are trying to do is create DOUBT, and they are more likely to move on-they don't want to take the RISK!

Leave Drapes and Shades Open, when they're closed, they're a sign of an unoccupied house.

Have your Lawn Taken Care Of. Dry or uncut grass says you're away. Have snow shoveled from walks, steps and driveways.

Display the "Beware" Signs. If you have a dog or an alarm system, put up signs that say you do. They deter thieves.

Put Peepholes in Doors. Use the kind with a magnifying glass lens that lets you see who is out there without opening the door. Consider heavy duty door chains as well. Never leave a note on your door.

Take Care with Keys. Don't leave a key under a doormat, flower pot or window ledge. Burglars tend to look there first. Never leave an ignition key in your car, and never put a house key on your car key ring.

Don't Stop All Deliveries. Cancel the milk, but you should have a neighbor pick up the mail and newspaper.

Don't Keep Expensive Items at Home. Keep valuable items with other small valuables as well as important documents in a safety deposit box.

Park a Car in your Driveway. If you have a second car, leave it in the driveway. Or ask a neighbor to park there.

Keep Garage Doors closed and Locked because this helps prevent access to interior doors to the house. Electric doors should be disconnected and if practicable,have padlocks on the garage door tracks.

Ask a Neighbor to use your Trash Cans while you are away because an empty trash can is a tip-off that you're not home. Spotters for burglary rings sometimes work for trash collectors.

Leave Music Playing when you are away because it says you're home. Put the volume adjustment down to low on you're phone- a burglar will be less likely to hear an unanswered call.

Keep Shrubs Trimmed because tall, thick shrubs provide a cover for a burglar.

Get Auto Light Timers and have them turn on/off at different times.

Get a Good Locksmith and have the locks changed especially if you or just moving in-who knows if a neighbor (or two) have house keys.

Light the Outside of your Home with motion sensor lights to go on when approaching exterior doors. Mount them high enough so a burglar can't unscrew the bulbs.

Secure Patio Doors and Sliders with a steel rod in the door channel, or a pin-type lock. Also, secure 2-3 screws in the overhead track to reduce the chance of lifting the door out of the reach.

Mark Valuable Items, things that the thief would be likely to steal-tv's, audio equipment,etc. Use an engraving pen. Use your drivers license number-not your social security number.

Look into an Alarm System,it can be simple to very high tech with remote arming & disarming.

Outdoor Video Cameras that can be viewed on line with any web-enable device.